Group5 - five global investment funds focus on creating value in Group5's portfolio companies. The combined Group5 global resourses amplifiy & strengthen member companies through organic growth, acquisitions & strategic partnerships.

Multiple Industry Focused Investments

Industries of Interest

Ai Technology

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Trade Group

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Ai Driven Capital Creation Investments

Group5.Fund focuses on investing in high-quality companies across various industries and geographies. The firm specializes in acquiring small to medium-sized companies to add value to our well-defined strategies. Group5 focuses investments that create value in our portfolio companies through organic growth and add-on acquisitions. Each Partnership leverages Group5's strategic, financial, and operational expertise to build businesses to create long-term value for all stakeholders.

Key Corporate Patnerships

Strategic, Regional, Industry Focused Partnerships Provide Worldwide Access & Experience!

Real Estate - Noth America

BetterWorld Homes KW

Real Estate Sales, Devlopment, Investments, Loans. - USA, Canada

Real Estate - Middle East

Al-Hakmani Real Estate Office

Real Estate Sales, Devlopment, Investments, Loans. Oman, Dubai

Ai Technology & Robotics

Telx10 - UpBank - Ainstein

‌Ai-Tech provides Business Knowledge, Strategy & Cash Flow when leveraged together provide unparalled business growth.

Commodity Trading

UpTrade - Rio Norte - Diversivide

Finance for physical commodities, agricultural goods, natural resources, & precious metals.

Mining & Logistics

UpMiners Co-Op

Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Rhodium, Copper, Lithium

Sports & Education

Academic, athletic, computer & financial development to significantly increase opportunities & success.

“The great investors are always very careful. They think things through. They take their time. They’re calm. They’re not in a hurry. They don’t get excited. They just go after the facts, and they figure out the value. And that’s what we try to do.”

— Charley Munger